GTA Alternative Games For Android 2019 (You Should Play)

GTA Alternative Games For Android 2019 (You Should Play)

If you love cars and guns there are many alternative games in the GTA that you will love. GTA is a consistent game on the game universe and nothing has taken its place over the years. Many people are still purchasing the games of GTA and playing it. The franchise introduced by the company rockstar is over the top now offering first class games.

Here are some of the maxing games out there!

Top Best GTA Alternatives Games For Android 2019

Just cause 3 (2015)

The just cause series has become the major game of the year. There are many delightful things in the game which the game lovers will particularly like. There are many unprecedented parts in the game in various levels. There are amazing ragdoll physics found in the game of grand theft. It excels in the sky approach and the choreography carnage. There are bonuses like the wingsuit and a grapple book.  On the whole, it is an interesting game.

Saints Row (2003)

The sequels of the saint row have distanced themselves from the qualities of the grand theft game but the first one was a follower of it.  In the surrealist and satirical tones, this game remains the same as grand theft. The in-built GPS inside the game was quite forward than the navigation tool which gives access to the players to find out the missions and interesting places through the still water. This game does not seem as if it’s aged because of its many modern features.

Watch Dogs 2 (2016)

The original game had the plot of Aiden Pearce’s revenge which became too much at the end of it. However, this criticism was rectified by the company Ubisoft. Then the setting of the game became the centre stage for biting satire.  The game has many laughs and very much entertaining to play.

Yakuza 0 (2017)

The yakuza game offers many fun things like arcades, karaoke, pool, bowling, dancing, wrestling and more. There are many diverse things to explore and the setup of Tokyo is splendid. This is one of the open world games where all the things are brought in one platform.

Red Dead Redemption (2010)

The red redemption is the game where the setting is larger and more lifelike. It is the proper interpretation of the Wild West. It is proof of the company rock star’s genius with its open world design.

Sleeping Dogs (2014)

This is a very striking game that brings the martial arts and many other stunts to the gamers notice.  It is like a classic and exciting Bruce Lee’s movie. It is a rare gem and needs to be appreciated for its design. On the other hand, it was canned for its sequel because of a co-op campaign. However, there were many new ideas brought in the game that was different.

This is the best of alternatives for GTA. Find them online and play the games for experiencing the thrill and excitement. These games surely have them in large quantities. Play them online or in the Xbox One.

Rahul Goud