GTA San Andreas APK + OBB Download For Android

GTA San Andreas is a popular action game that was developed by Rock star banner creations. It is one of the creative and attractive game and this developer who’s the topmost banner on Google play. It is one of the Android versions and a very famous game in the GTA series.

The outline of the story is Carl Johnson who is the protagonist of the game escaped from the continuous burdens in his life which have been happened 5 years ago. In his story, San Andreas behaved very harshly and he was hurt a lot, the secrets behind the burden are seen in the story elaborately. You can also check out the GTA alternative games here.

Download GTA San Andreas APK + OBB Data For Android

Carl Johnson 5 years ago escaped from a lot of pressures in Los Santos by San Andreas. In the city, he has teased apart from gang corruption and drugs. Here millionaires and film stars have done their best for avoiding the gang bangers and leaders. And in the early 90, Carl Johnson went home, unfortunately, his mother has been murdered and his entire family was left apart from the world and his childhood friends are also heading to the words of disaster. Must read, Baidu Root APK for android.

During the time of his return to the neighborhood state, he was also taken for the couple of corruption act which was in the frame and Carl Johnson was forced to take up the journey across and to the entire state of San Andreas. To save his family and to take all over the control he doesn’t know what to do next and suddenly he took the journey and started of it.

When he returned from the corruption of police officers somehow he needs to save his family from the enemies so he continued a new journey of visuals and all of this game is literally and attractive and thrilling addition of GTA series.

GTA San Andreas For Android

In this modern digital technology, most of them use Smartphone devices and the number of users of Android is pretty high when compared to PC. Now, most of the games and popular applications are available to download attractive games from the play store. Users who are using Android devices will be very much interested to play the games nowadays so for those people there are many numbers of good games that are available in Android mobile and which is released every day.

And San Andreas is one of the popular and best games which are Grand theft Auto series that includes San Andreas, Vice City, and GTA series. Among the all, the most popular and attractive is GTA San Andreas that is popularly available now in the Google play store. Since it is a paid game many of the people are eagerly looking for free, you can easily download GTA San Andreas Apk from here for Android with normal apk & obb data cache.

GTA San Andreas Features

San Andreas is popularly built with attractive features it is one of the amazing adventure action games with a strong story. The characters are very well developed with a new attractive addition of weapons. The graphics done in this game are fantastic let us see some of the additional features designed in the GTA series.

High Graphics Resolution

GTA San Andreas is excellent graphic designs and animations that too in the latest version it is designed with some extra good quality of graphics that makes even much better when compared to other games.

The option of Cloud Saving

It is designed with an extra added feature of the option of cloud saving in GTA San Andreas so here you don’t want to worry about the storage capacity of the device or even you can save the game to play. This game can be played online by saving it or you can automatically play on the cloud.

Option of Controlling

It has an option of dual analog stick for controlling GTA San Andreas that makes the game even easier. While using the control options in on screen you have to continuously control the movements for your camera and character

Compatibility Mode

It is designed with extra compatibility which is an amazing extracted feature with wireless game controls and you can use it with both USB gamepads and Bluetooth. This is completely entertainment game where you will have better time experience while playing this game.

Graphics Settings

When you face some lags in GTA San Andreas you have the option of decreasing or increasing the graphic settings which will improve the visual experience and gaming speed. It is one of the extra added features that are available in the GTA series when compared to other games. Recommended post, Vidmate APK for android


This is available in different languages such as French, German, English, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Russian.


GTA San Andreas is one of the attractive and wonderful mobile games in the current time you can easily download from Google play store. Even though if it is a paid game this series is available as San Andreas mod APK so no worries you can easily download this game.